Mother Teresa saw herself as “a pencil in the hand of God.” To the individualists among us this statement falls somewhere between suicide and insanity. People don’t become pencils! Why relinquish the“right” to do whatever we want, whenever and however? Freedom has become a staple in American diet--as American as television sex and violence.

Yet as the simple silent force we’ve come to know as Mother Teresa observes, true freedom consists in doing what God wills. Why? Because freedom is not about what I WANT to do, it’s about what I OUGHT to do. When God wields the pencil of our lives, what I WANT what I OUGHT and what I DO become one and the same. The Virgin Mary knew this better than anyone, as intention and action became a unity that was indestructibly bound within her soul.. She was the most important pencil in the hand of God because through her, he wrote the most beautiful Word the world has ever known.

Happy Birthday Mary!


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