An older poem I wrote. The title is from an Edith Stein work of the same name in which she compares entering St. John of the Cross's "Dark Night of the Soul" to carrying the cross of Christ.

The Science of the Cross
We’ve come so far, but it’s only a little way
Hope still waits, true love, true soul
Till then, we stir in your hands
Tossing by night, struggling by day
In this dark exile, this lonely way

This is no emptiness, no mere discontent
It is the restless soul, it is the quiet, gentle breath
Sailing against this sea of doubt
Lift us up Lord, arise, to help us trust
Lift us up Lord, up high upon the cross
Let us see from there what your suffering eyes could see
That the cross is the crown
Where our bodies are purged, our souls unbound


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