Every year, at this time, I slow down long enough to see the roses. Sometimes I even get a chance to smell them. Of course there’s always the Christmas cleaning, the coming and the going, the waiting too long and the eating too much. Yet somewhere in between the pantry and the dinner table, there’s time to pause. Maybe it’s at those moments, that I’ll have time to look at myself in the mirror (something I should probably do more often). And maybe I’ll notice that my head is not screwed on right. I’m pretty convinced that if you were to look at the inner lip of someone’s occiput (where the skull bone meets the neck bone) you’d find the words, “Warning: For adjustment, contact the manufacturer. Self-repair is neither recommended nor possible.”

So today I took a look in the mirror and…what? Do you really want to know? Well, okay. Let me just put it this way. Repairs are under way. And unlike AOL, Sprint, Sony or whoever, the manufacturer was quick to answer my call. Technical assistance was great. No automated voices. No wait…just pure, old fashioned, instantaneous service.


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