“The table is for food not for feet” These were the wise words my wife just gave our daughter Clare. The curious little creature seems to have a penchant for enjoying her food a little too much, putting her two hind paws squarely on the table, while her choppers rip into the next corn on the cob. Once she even tried to wield a spoon with her right foot. If I remember correctly, it was in public. That night my expression redefined the term embarrassment.

When I look at Clare, I can only imagine how it is for God when we forget to mind OUR manners. Maybe he shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders, or when all else fails him, he probably laughs (or cries). Maybe that’s the story behind thunder. I don’t know. If God’s like my wife he might say something like “Your soul was made for heaven not for Hollywood.”

If only most people could remember this. Clare’s managing to keep her feet off the table-- at least for 7 out of 10 meals. So maybe there's hope for the rest of us. Next, we’ll have to tackle Clare's attempts to tie her father’s hair into a ponytail and call him cute.


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