Even with all it’s forces aligned and poised to destroy the meaning of Christmas, secular America still can’t do it right. Opting for "Happy Holidays", Christmas poopers seem to like their proverbial cup of good cheer (or egg nog, if you prefer), without the meaning that inspired it. (At least this year, Walmart decided to allow its employees to choose their own greetings, including the conspicuously missing, “Merry Christmas” that was banned last year).

So where did they get it wrong? Well, first of all, Christmas is about Christ—that’s why Christmas killjoys try so hard to eliminate the word in the first place. Then, they think they can ditch Christ, but still enjoy his birthday party—hence the word “holidays.” But that’s the rub. Holiday is actually derived from the term “holy day.” Thus, trying to distance themselves from the sacred, Christmas bashers ended up where they started. Oops. Was that a big muffler backfiring or did secularists use a term they didn’t understand, only to reinforce the holiness of a day they thought wasn’t worth understanding?

The strange thing about this whole business is that Americans like to boast of their tolerance for difference. Yet, a de-Christianized Christmas, is anything but part of a “live and let live” society. This mantra of tolerance that America likes to meditate on from morning to night, it also refuses to apply to what it doesn’t like. That’s one part of the problem. The other is that we seem to be a nation of birthday party crashers who pay no attention to the birthday boy.


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