I’m currently on an internship (code-speak for slavery) at a Catholic hospital. Most days I get an hour lunch break at 1PM—which if you ask any sane person is an hour too late. But later is better than nothing, so I munch discretely and visit Jesus at the hospital’s little chapel. (Note to the financially inclined: for a small investment, visits to the Blessed Sacrament bring huge returns). Anyway, when I went today, I collided with a curt note on the door of the chapel: “Closed from 1PM to 5AM.” I read the note three times. No change. My shoulders fell. Instead of His still quiet voice…there was the whisper of high speed sanders whirring their protest from the other side of the door. Instead of the usual silent blanket of Godly presence, I felt heaviness, a sensation of obstacles and boundaries that refused to give. Turning to leave, I seemed to hear the words “there will be no defeat today.” I tried the door (it opened surprisingly). I went in to genuflect in defiance of the note. A secret smirk crept across my face. From his throne, Jesus seemed to smile back.


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