It's possible your head's been buried under a rock, you live in a cave, and you still get mail on stone tablets delivered by the Pony Express. Or, you might just have no time to taste the muddy waters of American politics. If either are true you probably haven't heard the name Nancy Pelosi. Yes, the tale of woe must be told. This former San Francisco liberal is now the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Aside from supporting abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research (and everything else the Catholic Church is against),this self-proclaimed product of Catholic education also supports her right to call herself a Catholic.

I turn to her daughter's comments for the latest laugh: "My mother, throughout her entire life, has been faithful to the church, even though the church has not been that faithful to her because of her politics. And I think that takes a lot of perseverance..." Yes, I agree on one thing. It takes "perseverance." I mean, to persevere for years the way Nancy Pelosi does as a's like persevering for years as vegetarian animal rights activist who caresses a chicken with one hand and wields an axe with the other. And all this while the unfaithful chicken actually has the audacity to say something about it.

Pelosi and her kin need to realize that the Church is ALWAYS faithful to TRUTH of the human person and this includes Nancy Pelosi. To say that one is faithful to the Church but to parade behind politics that undermine its teaching is an exercise in contradiction. I can just imagine Pelosi's husband saying to her " I'm faithful to my wife. Sure I cheated on her but why can't I bring the mistress over for dinner?"

An exercpt from the Pelosi family dictionary:
FAITHFULNESS: bones but no meat; a state of contradiction; a game that has no rules except those that are made up as the game is played; the state of doing whatever it takes to make everyone think you're on their side when you're really on YOUR side; playing a game without accepting the rules of the game, then launching a complaint about why the game doesn't play by your rules; stating that S is P and that S isn't P.


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