Some Eucharistic meditations on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary...

1. Annunciation- tabernacle of Mary’s womb prepared, vouched for and inhabited…the Holy Spirit overshadows her as he once passed over the waters of creation. In this, the womb of Mary becomes the tabernacle of a new creation where the new Adam makes his abode.

2.Visitation-Elizabeth makes the first public act of adoration as she and her child behold the True presence of Christ in the womb of Mary. Thus her womb becomes the tabernacle of praise

3.Nativity-the presence of Christ passes forth from the womb of Mary, to the manger, now made into the tabernacle of humility.

4. Presentation in the temple-Christ presence enters the temple of old. He brings the old covenant together with the new for the first time. But it is not time to fulfill the new covenant, merely to allude to it through Simeon’s prophecy. The temple thus becomes a tabernacle of prophecy.

5. Finding of Jesus in the Temple-it is in the temple that Joseph and Mary find their son, and there that the great scribes and elders discover truth. Here then, Christ makes known the tabernacle of truth, where all roads must lead and where all seeking will end.

More on the other 15 mysteries to come...


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