It's probably easy in blog-land to focus on the new posts but miss the sidebars, links, archives etc. I usually like to explore what a blogger links to. It's an interesting backdoor approach to sizing someone up by what he reads, recommends and takes the time to add to his HTML.

If you haven't already, explore the links to the right, "Archives" will take you to my previous posts--some of which you might not have read, others of which you scanned but didn't read (suggestions and comments are welcome). Oh, and if you didn't notice, I have another (experimental) blog called A Million Monkeys Typing. About the title: don't ask, I won't tell, and we'll still be on good terms. The same blog is in my link section under "My Movie and Book Reviews"

Speaking of movies, now's probably a good time to revisit the "Passion of the Christ." Holy week is upon us! Stations of the cross, rosaries, fasting, mass and meditation are highly recommended while pompous chocolate bunnies swimming in baskets of fake grass are not.


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