God is love. Seems I started this whole blog with something to that effect. If you’ve been going straight to the meat of things, so to speak, (reading the posts but not the title) you might have forgotten what my blog is called. Yes, I know, it’s in Latin but Pope Benedict wouldn't have any trouble with it or with the other 10 languages he speaks. Surely you speak more...but no matter if you don't. The only langauge you need to know is English.

Since today is the day after the feast of Divine Mercy, I’m revisiting (in English) the subject of love again. One could revisit the subject eternally, for God eternal and God is love. This, in turn means, that what pleases him most is to do what his very nature compels him to do. Birds are happy to chirp, children are happy to grow, and God is happy to love. What are humans happiest doing? Well, according to the Shema, and Christ’s quoting of it, we’re happiest when we love God with all our hearts, with all our minds and with all our strength.

This means we’ll try to please God at every turn. And what’s most pleasing to God? To love, forgive, make holy and make whole every one of his children. We need only ask. That’s why Jesus didn’t say, “sit there, turn away or doubt and you shall receive” He said to “ASK.” St. Faustina (and St. Therese) add to this, describing Divine Mercy as an ocean of love, a sea of graces that God seeks to pour forth. God is so compelled to do so that his love “burns within him.”And we can quell the flames by seeking, praying and saying with audacious confidence the words, "Jesus I trust in you."


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