MSNBC reports that spider venom can make you more of a man. Entitled, “Deadly spider’s venom may yield super virility,” the online article features a researcher who champions the use of black widow venom as a contraceptive.

“The venom of the Latrodectus mactans, a variety of black widow found only in the south of Chile, has spermicidal properties not found in black widows in other regions of the world, Chilean Dr. Fernando Romero said.” “Initial studies focused on taking extracts from the venom to treat erectile dysfunction, but they soon discovered it had a molecule that also made it an effective contraceptive.”

It’s very strange that a substance that actually decreases your fertility supposedly leads to “super virility.” I seem to be unaware of the standards by which MSNBC measures manhood. No offense to the men out there who have trouble with fertility, but deliberately making yourself shoot blanks doesn’t seem to qualify as a manly thing to do. It used to be that the word "sire" (to bring children into being) was associated with the kings among men. It seems this might no longer be the case.

Here's the link to the full story.


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