During a homily at Thomas Aquinas College, Fr. George Rutler addressed "The Price of Mediocrity." He argued that mediocrity sometimes manifests itself as a self-centeredness.

"An old maxim holds that when you are all tied up in yourself, you become a very small package, very small. Such smallness is called mere existence. Denial of the self does not deny our existence. (There are some oriental religions that actually do that, and some forms of modern philosophy, too.) Self-denial means knowing we are all things with Christ and nothing without Him. Self-denial turns existence into life. St. Paul says, "It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. Pope John Paul II says, "Become what you are." That is a paradox. But paradoxes exist because there is a heaven as well as an earth."


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  1. i liked that homily...

  2. Son says:

    I thought so too. That's something you can usually count on from Thomas Aquinas but not from other putatively Catholic insititutions.

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