Miller Brewing Company recently received a buffeting in the form of a national boycott. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, a think-tank and watchdog organization orchestrated said boycott after Miller decided to offer its corporate nod and wink to San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair.

If you don’t know about this edifying menagerie, the Folsom Fair features nearly nude gay men wearing spiked collars, leather thongs, and other family friendly fashions. While they parade, they make a point of fondling, groping and kissing each other in full view of families and children. In case you mistake it for Disney on Ice, they make sure to put an ice-sculpture of a penis on display. They wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

Not to be confused for a live and let live event, the Folsom Street Fair also showcases a less than subtle anti-Christian (and specifically anti-Catholic) agenda. The “Sisters” of Perpetual Indulgence figure prominently. (If you're wondering, they're men wearing clown-like makeup and skimpy habits)

Miller’s sponsorship angered the Catholic League and many Christian groups. Many took particular exception to the nude, sadomasochistic mockery of the Last Supper, which featured prominently displayed sex toys. Why a bigwig corporation like Miller would pull its name through the sewers and gutters of Folsom street is beyond me. I mean does beer have anything to do with irresponsible, uninhibited behavior? Perhaps we can all ponder the question while sipping a Miller Lite? Or perhaps not…


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