One day, when the sexual revolution reaches back to kick itself in the butt, our true liberation will finally begin. We'll realize that freedom and happiness are contained in the body since it is a temple of God's spirit and an icon of his Trinitarian life.

When we see clearly, we'll revolt against the lies of lust and hollow exploitation that have been the fruits of "free love." John Paul II has anticipated the counter-revolution since even before his pontificate began. Over many years, he delivered what has become known as the "Theology of the Body" which George Weigel has referred to as a "theological time bomb set to go off with dramatic consequences some time in the third millenium"

That this "bomb" hasn't already exploded into mainstream Catholic circles, let alone secular ones, is one of the most lamentable facts of recent world history. The theology of the body is an interpretive key. Its subject is love. Its scope is life and its meaning is tied up in God, the sexes, sex, salvation, sanctification, and the hope of heaven.

If you haven't heard about, talked about, preached about is the time to get started. God is waiting for some revolutionaries. Check out the Theology of the Body.


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