He started out as a small fry in a small town. Later he'd become a high school football star, a Green Baret, then, a millionaire mogul in Sin City. He finally wound up as a cocaine-sniffing, Ferrari-driving Hollywood big shot who sold houses to Hollywood's hottest stars.

From there came the decresendo to homeless and hopeless in the streets of L.A. The only direction left was up, and that's the direction he went. From the streets he was beckoned back to the home of his birth by the words of a Marian prayer that his mother sent by way of a card.

A one-way ticket home, a lengthy confession, and a miracle or two later, John Corapi finally found his calling. He entered a seminary, earned four degrees in scripture and theology, graduated at the top of his class and was ordained by Pope John Paul II. Mother Teresa sat just a few feet away.

Today, Fr. Corapi has discovered his true love. He travels extensively, teaching and preaching. He is a man wedded to the Church, a man of purpose, and a man burning with the knowledge that "the Truth is not a something, it's a somebody, and his name is Jesus Christ."


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  1. Wow! What an amazing story..thanks for the info..may God bless his ministry..

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