I’m sure God meant for us to eat most of that deep fried bird, and apparently my daughter (who just turned 3) agrees. Over dinner, she came out of left field with: “When I was a grandma, I used to eat turkey butt.” After the water I was drinking came out my nose and the heaves of laughter subsided, I manage to decipher the toddlerian logic. Apparently, the ½ pint was listening when we offered her grandpa a piece of crispy, deep fried, turkey butt over Thanksgiving dinner a few days before. Then, having summoned the memory of the fowl’s rear end and taking into account the fact that she’s a girl and thus a “grandma,” her thought took shape with marvelous, matter of fact.

We’re hoping this fowl memory won’t make its way into her next prayer before meals.


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  1. Maryellen says:

    This is hilarious, and your word-picture very clear.

    Most children make announcements that burn in our memories. You'll enjoy dragging this one out of your RAM someday to tell her about it. She'll be amazed and amused and will never tire of hearing it.

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