Here is a list of things I hope to accomplish soon:

1. Find a car that can take me from A to B (even better if it will take me all the way to Z)

2. Defeat my daughter in a nose flare but do-not-laugh contest

3. Nod at 100% of what my wife says though I only understand 50% of it (this would be a 20% improvement in both the nodding and comprehension departments)

4. Vanquish the forces of darkness (with help)

5. Learn the chords to the Fridayat3 album

6. Stop complaining to God about why he created flying roaches and long lines at the DMV

7. Figure out a cure for getting lost (repeatedly)

8. Celebrate Thanksgiving without noticing how many Christmas displays have been enticing people to spend since Halloween

9. Deep fry a turkey (after defrosting it but before eating it)

10.Figure out why God gave me a pinkie that refuses to play the guitar like its four neighbors do


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