Of the things I listed in my Nov. 9th post, I've been able to accomplish 1, 3, and 9. As for 6 (stopping my complaints to God about flying roaches), I haven't managed that, and must add to the the mix, the horror of seeing a gecko in a house in Kona. I admit, though some would think such admissions threaten the virility of manhood, that I'm more squeamish than my wife about such things. Roaches, house geckos, Hawaiian "Cane" spiders, and other creatures that creep and crawl don't go well with my constitution. I guess that's why God made me a pretty fast runner.

So as you might have guessed, I've been away somewhere for a while. And as you are very astute, you'll have deduced that that somewhere was in Hawaii. Our fist few nights, we stayed at a veritable plantation in Kiliua Kona with views of the Pacific and greeen peaks North of the city. Then we took an inter-island flight to Honolulu and hopped in a car to the very botanical suburbs of Wahiawa, which is located in central Oahu.

We saw the shield volcanoes and related lava-carved tunnels in Kona, about 20 miles South of Hilo, attended a wedding in Oahu's north shore, trekked the rain-soaked trails that led 1.5 miles up to Manoa Falls, and visited two world famous sister beaches, Kailua and Lanikai.(You can see the view from Lanikai in the picture I took). It's hard to describe the forests, hills and beaches , filtered through hazy sunlight, and varying amounts of rain (ranging from a feathery drizzle to a shower of fists) in just one post. But this will have to do for now.


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