For those of you well-armed with rosaries and/or good intentions please offer a prayer for my father-in-law. He awaits open-heart bypass surgery in the next day or so. Unfortunatley, he already underwent a quadruple bypass years ago and may not do as well this time around.

I'm praying that God will let him pass through this trial with a stronger heart and deeper faith. Then I'm gonna have to pull out my whip and give him some motivation to exercise and eat right.

Until then, please say a prayer for him and for the family. Thanks.


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  1. Maryellen says:

    Hi Son
    My online time is limited these days, but I see that you put out a call to prayer over two weeks ago re: your father-in-law. I hope your prayers for him were answered according to your request.

    I pray that this time he'll ask for all the grace he needs to change his life style. As a heart-attack survivor for nine years, I know how beneficial life style is to health.
    May he choose life.

  2. Son says:

    Thanks Mary Ellen. He's doing fine. I pray that you are too.

  3. I will your blog..

  4. Son says:

    Thanks Jackie.

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