The beat of the university's heart is like the ticking of a clock in a universe without time. Debates would ring out. Theories and facts would rise to favor. Injustices would be justified. Religious intolerance would be tolerated. And Science would offer the best salvation attainable this side of the twilight zone. Truth, I'm afraid has been sent on an involuntary sabbatical.

For 13 years, I tasted sludge of "tolerance" that's oozed forth from higher education. At best, it's been an unstable mix of freedom anchored by the sea of whim, it's waves crashing into the mind's shore.

I might say that it's Providence that as I ready to leave the hallowed halls of secularism, Pope Benedict has arrived in the U.S. to address the state of Catholic education. He expressed my feelings in a way I haven't been able to articulate all these years. It was a catharsis 13 years in the making. Go HERE to see what I mean.


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