According to Time magazine, their A-list of influential people includes "the hundred men and women whose power, talent and moral example are transforming the world."

Hmm...I suppose the same person doesn't have to have all three qualities. How else might we explain the inclusion of Hillary Clinton? How about Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, and Chris Rock?

Ok. I admit they do wield power (in the worldly sense)...maybe they even have talent (in the cheap theatrical sense) but moral example?! Might as well present James Bond with an award for chastity.

Of course, Time's say has about as much credibility as a wolf at a Little Red Riding Hood convention. But there's no denying the "transforming" effect of this annual poll--especially for the greener sprouts among us who form opinions based on what Time, Oprah or Cosmo say or don't say. By the way, Oprah also made the list. Go figure.

Pope Benedict was interestingly absent. His talent is beyond question. His moral example indisputable. Somehow he didn't register on Time's power-meter, I guess. I'm a little baffled, though. Leader of a billion people, private audience with the United Nations, part of a 2,000 year old unbroken succession, but not powerful, nor prominent enough? Someone should send the pope a memo that he needs a dirty joke, a maudlin talk show, or a teeny-bopper concert or two to register on Time's radar.

I could go on. I really could. But I'll just say this: If, God forbid, Time's A-list really does "transform the world," I'm moving to Mars.


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  1. Last year the Pope was elected but Time don´t want to be too "papist".

    A suggestion: Probably you know the Youtube video “May feelings”. Young students of Universities of Madrid say reasons pray the holy rosary. (in Spanish, with english subtitles)
    See it:
    It is one of the most watched videos on Youtube in May.

    Santiago (Granada, Spain)

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