What event(s) will we bemoan most 50 years from now? I'll keep the Holocaust and slavery off the list of possibilities only because most people find these things lamentable NOW. But in 50 years, will we find something equally or even more atrocious and appalling? I have some ideas but if you have any I'd like to hear them.
Sadly, it shouldn't be too hard to think of a few.


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  1. Soutenus says:

    I think we will be as stunned at our ignorance (or ignoring) the toxins we expose ourselves to on a consistent basis. Preservatives, pesticides, formaldehyde releasing agents, dioxins, etc.

    I guess that isn't technically an "event" but it was the very first thing that came to mind!

  2. Naive says:

    The question assumes that we'll wisen over the next 50 years. Here are a couple of items:

    The "pro-choice" movement that killed millions of Americans and millions more around the world. (Perhaps even the radical feminism that tries to make women the same as men rather than realizing their differences as complimentary equality.)

    The arrogance of so many scientists who think we can predict and change the earth's climate. (When their modeling can explain all the ice ages and the warmer ages between them, I'll say they've learned something. But just like the stock market, basing future predictions on past performance does not guarantee the predictions will be right. So far they're grabbing headlines and research funds, but they can't say when the next ice age would have come if it hadn't been for human "global warming" activities.)

  3. Son says:

    On the contrary, I meant to imply that we would NOT grow wiser in the coming years.

    I agree with your assessment of the pro-choice movement. Thanks for the insights.


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