As an antidote to  "Music and Lyrics" (ML) I recently watched an Indie romance/drama called "Bella."  The unlikely cook/protagonist struck me as a man who sought to anger the gods of the me-culture, not by any device of his own, nor even by clear intention,  but by caring more about what he did to others than what they did to him.  What's winning about the movie is that he did all this without sacrificing style. He was a saint in a pair of Converse , a "heart-throb" with a heart.

If you're itching to see a movie that has a cover and a spine, try Bella. It's themes are old but not tired. It has none of the banality of the do me now, and reflect on it later  crap that Hollywood likes to package as a love story. Bella is about life. It's about authenticity. It's about wearing your heart on your sleeve no matter how dirty that sleeve becomes. (For more information check out the the official Bella website hyperlinked below)


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