How many times have you heard money is the "root of all evil." But doesn't evil start from within?  After all money is just an object to which we've assigned value. The money itself is morally neutral. But what comes from within us--that's a different story.

Whether you call it pride, selfishness, self-centerdness, the root cause is our fondness for saying--"I'm more important, my thoughts more real, my dignity more precious, my success more noteworthy than (fill in the blank)."

Wait a minute. Can this be true of everyone? It's impossible that even two people are the MOST important let alone 7 billion. And really, did we do anything or did God give us everything? Check what St. Gertrude has to say about this:

"Pride being the beginning of sin, humility destroys it in its root, cuts off in their very source the evils it has produced, and atones directly for the offence it has committed against God.  Thus humility is the especial characteristic of the reparation of which Jesus shows us the example in the Eucharist.  There, even more than in His Incarnation.  He has humbled, annihilated, stripped Himself, not only of His Divine, but even of His human form, and presents to our senses only an appearance without reality. 

Eucharistic soul, behold your model! "



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