Motherhood has always been a choice. Love it or leave it, the choice is between the mother and the child. Even among those who choose to give birth, the choice remains: do I eat more, sleep more and breathe more, or do I make sure my child gets all of the above before I worry about myself?  A good mother makes a daily choice in favor of her children. That's the fact that all well reared and well nurtured children know. Extended to the abortion issue, the choice is no different, with the exception that the choice involves an UNBORN CHILD. When a woman becomes pregnant she's not GOING TO BE a mother,  she already IS one.

Here's a piece by Joshua Mercer that further explores the unborn and life issue from a feminist and celebrity point of view:

"Supermodels have spoken out recently against the use of animal fur, actors in favor of government funding for arts, rock stars against nuclear proliferation — and so on.

Now a small, but growing, number of celebrities have begun to step forward to proclaim their opposition to both abortion and the death penalty."

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  1. CM says:

    I am a feminist, and would never consider abortion as an option.
    Thinking people should take responsibility for their actions is not anti-women. Women should be more modest, true feminism isn't about women being able to run around, have a ton of promiscuous sex, dress lewdly, and be respected at the end of the day for it cause they should be allowed to 'do what they want'. They should accept moral responsibility, because allowing men to use you and objectify you, and thinking you are a feminist for this, is delusional.

  2. Son says:

    I agree. I pray that more people will realize what it means to be truly pro-women.

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