If there was a bumper sticker that read "I love Archbishop Chaput" I would consider buying it. I say "consider" only because I don't really like the idea of putting an extremely sticky piece of paper on my bumper, especially because it may get dirty, ugly and never come off. Otherwise, I would definitely get a Chaput sticker.

In case you don't know who Archbishop Chaput is, he's what I consider to be a voice of hope speaking from within the heart of the Church. When wolves like Nancy Pelosi bring scandal to the flock, Archbishop Chaput brings out his shepherd's staff and gives them a good beating. Charitably, of course...

According to a recent interview with the Hoover Institute at Stanford U., Chaput says very plainly that he merely saw the Pelosi abortion scandal as a teachable moment. He doesn't rant. He doesn't foam at the mouth. He's just representin'. He's just staying with the basics of the faith, and if it seems like other "Catholics" don't agree it's not because Chaput is extreme, but because the others aren't even basic.

When asked if there's an undercurrent of anger at times present in what he says, Chaput says that there's a little initially. He goes on to quote St Augustine. To paraphase: Hope has two beautiful daughters. One is anger, the other is courage. You have anger at something that's not right. You also need the courage to do something about it. Both of these come from God.


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