I've been barred from the internet following a move and some ISP difficulties. They say I'll be back online next week, but we'll have to see. For now, I'm using borrowed internet but when I go back home today, I'll be back in the online silent zone again. In the meantime, I won't be able to post.

This is a bit of a crisis, but it's not what I was referring to in my post title. What I'm really troubled by is the fact that Obama is president elect, that he's adamantly pro-choice and that Catholics helped to make this happen. From the stats I've seen, only slightly over 50% of all Catholics voted for McCain. Among non-mass going "Catholics", the majority actually voted the other way. This, my friends, is a crisis of catechesis and it has turned into a crisis of national conscience.

We need to pray that what comes out of this does not further the holocaust of another 50 million unborn babies. We're still in the woods on those other issues too. Economic crisis, foriegn policy, terror activities--which of these will Obama know how to handle, and handle well? Perhaps, by some miracle of grace he'll be able to navigate the policy and life issues with God's will in mind and God's love in his heart. This will be my prayer, anyway.


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