A woman dressed in red made a leaping aerial attack on the pope during Midnight Mass at St. Peter's Basilica. According to authorities, she intended to bite the pope in the neck, when several men tackled her to the ground. The pope and the procession continued as if nothing had happened.

If you look at the close-up, slow-mo, you can actually see the red blur of a woman in mid-air. The man in black (Undercover Swiss guard?) literally catches her as she hurls herself like a canonball toward the Holy Father.

The police confirmed that the woman had been receiving psychiatric care. Purportedly, her attack had been motivated by the pope's recent statements regarding marriage and homosexuals.

After watching the video, I'm a bit surprised at the yoda-like calm with which Benedict handled the attack. While Bush managed the flying shoe incident quite well, I think a flying woman would have been more difficult to dodge.

I wonder what WOULD have happened had the woman actually reached the pope. Rumor has it he carries a pair of blessed white nunchuks under his sleeves.


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