We've straddled the politics of abortion for over 30 years now. Life, death, mother,child...less often, but no less heatedly, the debate turns to the doctor. Someone apparently ended the debate, at least in his own mind. To him it was an easy answer: Kill Dr. George Tiller while he's at church attending Sunday services and everything will be better.

Is everything really better? Tiller's family lost. A man is dead. And someone made himself a murderer. Then the media used their superlative powers of analysis to group isolated killers together with groups such as Priests For Life and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. The critics say the blame rests partly on pro life groups. Without them, the reasoning goes, people won't consider abortion murder and George Tiller would still be alive.

Amazing logic, isn't it? It's like saying that we shouldn't decry murder because people will go out and start killing gang bangers and serial killers. Or maybe we shouldn't say that cigarettes kill because if we do someone might go and wack the bigwigs of the tobacco industry.

Reality is a little more complicated than media politics. In the real world, murder is wrong. We need to decry it in whatever form, whether it involves the unborn OR the abortionist. If crazed people go out and do something crazy that's very unfortunate. However, that cannot keep the pro-life movement from speaking the truth: abortion is wrong because it's murder and killing George Tiller is wrong because it's murder. That's as simple as it gets.


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