The DCEB or "Deus Caritas Est" blog requires continuous CPR for a month. I will not give up. I WILL pull out the difibrillators if I need to.

I apologize to all my visitors--regulars and wanderers alike.

My mind continued to stumble, serendipitously into thoughts that might've been worth sharing. Time, unfortunately refused to cooperate. Kids unfortunately don't like to cooperate. Wives, unfortunately...well, I'll just leave it at that while I still have 10 functioning fingers. (whispering conspiratorially: She's looking at me right now...).

Alright. So here's the deal or the ideal, depending on whether life decides to cooperate. I'll post again tomorrow...something with a little meat.

There's just too much fluff and stuff out there in media-land right now. Just think of God as the antidote and this blog, God-willing, will be one of his dispensaries again.


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