Today I’m paying tribute to my wife in honor of her birthday. It’s actually tomorrow but inspiration doesn’t like to wait, the baby’s sleeping and my wife’s working. Astrologers like to call this state of affairs an “alignment of the stars.” I like to think of it as a moment of providence. In any case, this is a rare and random window of opportunity so I better get cracking.

My thought for today is that the best way to save time is to let someone do your thinking for you. So with that, here’s Bishop Fulton Sheen: "'Love is my gravitation,' said St. Augustine. This slow conversion of a subject into an object, of a lover into the beloved, of the miser into his gold, of the saint into his God, discloses the importance of loving the right things. The nobler our loves, the nobler our character.”

I have to agree with Bishop Sheen. Loving good things makes us better. Loving my wife has afforded me a certain measure of nobility; a knightly status, if you will, among a squire's list of faults. I’m just grateful that the God who is love has given me someone so worthy of it.


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