As I heard the readings today, I thought about God's eternal attributes... not a “more” “less” “beginning” or “end.” He simply IS… a magnificent, timeless, never-ending now. So to compare Jesus to Mohammed or Buddha, is like comparing a Creator to a creature (or, if you like computer analogies, like comparing apples and IBMs).

Yet many people line up the parallels and claim that one religion is like any other. Religion is just about teaching people how to be good, keeping hands feet and all objects to oneself and all that goody stuff. Well, yes and no. The short of it is that even the definition of good (and God) varies wildly. The " all religions are equal "claim falls well short of reality.

I like how one priest put it. He said that spiritual leaders, gurus and teachers (along with a handful of mad-men) have claimed to know the truth. Only Jesus says “I AM the truth.” Others have claimed to know the way. But only Jesus says “I AM…the way.” Others claim to know how to find eternal life. Only Jesus says “I AM…the life.” To this I would add that no religious leader has every claimed to remain unchangeable. Buddha entered the nothingness called nirvana. Mohammed went on to live with his many wives. Jesus alone was (is and will be) the same “yesterday, today and forever.” There’s no comparison.


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