My meditations on the Rosary continue with the five sorrowful mysteries:

1. Agony in the garden- At Gethsemane, Jesus offers himself body and soul in perfect obedience to the Father’s will. With full knowledge of everything past, present and future, Jesus accepts what he has the freedom to reject. His “Yes,” wrought in the furnace of love, transforms Gethsemane into the tabernacle of surrender.

2. Scourging at the pillar- Christ once again makes present his precious blood by love made perfect through suffering. He is the Lamb of God, the Eternal priest and the willing victim. Through Christ’s blood, the pretorium changes into a sanctuary, a tabernacle of precious blood.

3. Crowning with thorns-The suffering servant of the new covenant did not claim a crown of glory but of scandal and weakness. Yet in this weakness he has brought infinite glory to his father and salvation to his people. This is the hidden strength, the still quiet voice in the tabernacle of God’s kingship.

4. Jesus carries the cross- With the most ignominious symbol of his cross, Christ labors through fall after fall to bring his ministry to its fruition. As an example of what man can and should do, Christ transforms the via crucis into the tabernacle of strength

5. Jesus dies on the cross-Christ’s flesh unites to the wood of a cross, as his divine and human natures once united in the womb of Mary. From the cross he speaks words of forgiveness and consummation. From it, he speaks the Word that is he. It is this Word, the Eternal Word that makes the cross into the tabernacle of salvation


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